Arriving in Los Angeles immediately after graduating high school at 17 years old, Kasia has had exposure to many facets of the entertainment industry. Initially moving to pursue a career in acting (starring in The WB's Downer's Grove just months after her arrival), she took the opportunities available in Los Angeles and began writing and performing standup comedy. She soon realized that she enjoyed not just the performing aspect of the industry, but also creating content. She began working behind the scenes in production, freelance producing and finding her niche in casting. 


After a few years of slowly developing her Instagram via sharing her own personal adventures showcasing her personality and colorful, quirky, pinup-inspired style, as well as her photography of other digital influencers, styled by her, brands began contacting her for collaborations and she realized that it was time to get back in front of the camera as well. Her unique style coupled with her honesty,  openness and fearlessness to make fun of herself makes her a person to watch who is not quite like anyone else. 




Kasia is constantly working on camera both as an actress in scripted projects, as well as working as a host and personality. She is an active member of a YouTube sketch group, Sketch Marks, where she writes and performs in sketches on a regular basis. As an actress, Kasia has been called "hot Amy Schumer" and "Drew Barrymore meets a young Bette Midler." 


As a digital influencer, Kasia's follower count is heavily comprised of women who follow to watch her personal style, which aims to highlight her curves, instead of hiding them. Her followers reach out to tell her that after seeing her posts, they felt the confidence to try a new look that they always thought was only for "skinny" girls. Kasia's brand is all about girl power, being yourself and not taking yourself too seriously. 


Kasia owns Harlowe Casting and puts other people on screen for commercial, print, and film projects when she is not on screen herself. 


Besides the entertainment industry, Kasia is extremely passionate about food culture and finding the best happy hours in town. You can find her at any and every food/ wine fest in Los Angeles trying not to stain her vintage clothing. She also volunteers with homeless animals and tries to touch as many dogs as she possibly can per day.